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We are proud to be able to supply to our customers the outstanding handmade bats

from San Andreas Fault, last years winner of all out crickets blind bat test..










                About San Andreas Fault Cricket Bats


Hi all and welcome, I am great believer in tradition and only make

cricket bats using tradiontional tools, these tools have been used in

the bat making process since the 1750's so who am I to argue with 

this tried and tested process.

The bats and profiles I create from English willow all have a meaning

to me.That is, they are shaped that way because, I know what makes

them perform, in which areas they will perform and why it will perform.

The willow is selected to suit a shape I don't just put my hands on a

piece of willow and say "That looks nice, that'll do" The profile needs to

suit the willows full potential for performance not the other way round.





SAF Bats Podshaver


Established in 2006 we are going from strength to strength

All Out Cricket  Issue 66: 2010 Gear Review

Quote:" Described by none other than Graeme Hick as the best all round bat, no fewer than three of the five judges scored

the San Andreas Fault Premium Willow their number one. Why? Of all the bats on show, this one most successfully achieved

that magical balance between pick-up and power. A beautiful piece of work by one of the new batmakers on the market "


























John Tvedt


+47 99 100 800






















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