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In accordance with our top quality profile, we are pleased to welcome Masuri helmets to our range of products, the professional's choice.


The extremely durable and comfortable range of Masuri cricket helmets have long been the favourite of professional cricketers the world over since their introduction in 1984. Today Masuri cricket helmets are the unashamed world leader in cricket helmet design. This is achieved through the use of the latest in technological advances to create the best and lightest cricket helmets in world cricket.


Masuri cricket helmets have a unique adjustable head band and hand-moulded laminated shell that makes it easy to use and ultra-light to wear. Lamination gives the cricket helmet the optimum strength to weight ratio. A new, innovative Titanium visor, which is 40% lighter and stronger than steel is added as an optional extra. Masuri cricket helmets proudly meet the most stringent quality, design and strength regulations all around the world.



Standard Masuri helmet                                           

          Helmet weight             345 grams
          Grill weight                  278 grams

          Total Weight                623 grams




Titanium grill option

          Titanium grill weight     153 grams
          Helmet weight               345 grams


           Total weight                  498 grams












Attention! We can supply Masuri helmets with embroidered team logos, please call or mail for more info.





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